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George Sutton & his family riding on a 1921 Model T Ford The Sutton Family traveling through the Holy Land, 1964 Sutton Family, 1958 George & Martha Sutton

While our family story is like many from this past century, our company’s story is unique in how it has unfolded. Let me begin with the name: Sutton RV. I am the third ‘Sutton’ to be in business, a family tradition since 1921.

My grandfather, George Murphy Sutton, started it all eighty-eight years ago. While living in Oklahoma City in 1920, he came across an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times’ classifieds for a Ford Dealership.

My grandfather found what turned out to be a sleepy little car dealership in an obscure town named “Inglewood.” He ran that Ford Dealership until his death in 1948, when my father took it over at age 24. He carried on the family name and worked in the automobile industry for over fifty years until he retired.

It is this family legacy that prompted my father and I to open Sutton RV in 1996.

Being a Ford dealer during those times was like owning a gold mine, especially in Southern California. Besides selling a whole lot of Fords, his involvement with Inglewood’s development led to his election as the first President of the Chamber of Commerce. In 1927, he was instrumental in bringing the new Ford Tri-Motor Airplane to town. He promoted a local barley field, which later became the official airport, known today as LAX!

After World War II, another boom began, just like the days of the Roaring 20’s. My father came home from the war to find my grandfather’s health deteriorating due to stress; he passed away the day I was brought home from the hospital in early 1948. Because of his death, my father had to take on the family business and at age 24, he became the youngest Ford Dealer in the United States.

Once again, times changed and into the prosperous 1950’s we went. Just like his father before him, my dad became active in his community of Inglewood, California. As a Ford Dealer, he sponsored local events for the YMCA, Civic Groups and Church activities. We have pictures of him with Dinah Shore, Ernie Ford and other celebrities, including the then Vice-President, Richard Nixon. My parents were written up in a feature article about the American housewife in Life Magazine, and another in Time. A documentary on the American Woman by Ted Turner included my mother, Marjorie Sutton. They lived the American dream.

Growing up, our family traveled all over the world. We sailed the Atlantic and Mediterranean; stayed in hotels and resorts; lived for a time in Brazil; camped in the High Sierras and experienced every kind of nomadic lifestyle one could imagine.

Dad said that each of the summers we spent over-seas were the equivalent to a year of college. Add this to my degree and I suppose you could say I have my Masters in Travel!

Dad spent fifty years in the automobile business before retiring over a decade ago. After graduating from Woodbury College, I spent my years in automobile sales & management in Southern California, Hawaii and then here in Eugene. In late 1995, dad and I decided to start an RV business. We had taken a few RVs in trade over the years and personally purchased a motor home. We felt we understood what was involved, trading cars and trucks for trailers and campers. We found a perfect location here in Eugene, which we still occupy.

Since opening for business in early 1996, we have been on the mountaintop of success. We have also been in a few valleys, too. Dad passed away in 2007; although we miss him terribly, we try to keep the business going everyday in a way that would make him proud. He always looked for the good in everything, no matter what the situation. With a positive attitude, prayers, and hard work we have battled against the odds in order to keep business flowing. Over the years, we have sold a variety of large and small RVs. We hope you will feel at ease dealing through our store, knowing our goal is to treat you the way we would want to be treated. I hope we can do some business!

Best Regards,
George M Sutton


  • 1920
  • 1948
  • 1996
  • 2008


Sutton RV is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. In recognition of our superior achievements, in 2008 we were chosen as a Top 50 RV Dealer Award Winner.

We like to think of our dealership as a work in progress. We constantly try to improve and streamline the way we conduct business. As you start your RV search, keep in mind that we try to provide information and advice that will help you make an informed buying decision. The same is true throughout the buying process. When you take delivery, we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice!

It is our goal to sell, service, and repair any RVs in a tradition that would honor my father and grandfather. To strive for excellence is a way for us to carry on the “Sutton” namesake in the highest of ethical standards. Dad always taught that we should treat people the way we would want to be treated. We promise to carry on his wishes.

Few dealerships can compare with our personal touch and thoughtfulness. Simply said, “you’re gonna like it here!”